Life... in Specific is a collection of stories about the way life really is. Not "life in general," but the certain little things that can keep us amused. The articles have a decidedly "Southeast Texas" slant, since those are the eyes I view life through.

The 59th Version Code Song
... Feelin' groovy, slingin' code

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
... Well, they would be if I had any favorite things

Texas Transportation Code
... Taking the "Pablo Cruise"

Who gripes about nice weather?
... it makes you worry.

... as opposed to "dinnertime"

Color TV!
... when did your family get one?

Nerds in Boots
... I need a pair.

Mr. Snowman
... longing for something that resembles winter, just for a day or two.

Why Did You Pick That One?
... How kids think up answers

Do not operate without coffee.

The Electronic Bathroom Scale (neat toy!)

I'm Winging It
... it's a parent thing.

Pop And Roll Music
... Los Lonely Boys

Radioactive Pizza
It's better the second time around!
The Houston Auto Show brings back memories.
Are my kids older than I think they are, or are they younger than they think?
Fire Ants
When the queen dies, the mound dies. But the queen is way too smart for that.
Houston gears up for an ad campaign to show that it isn't all Cowboys and the Rodeo. On the same day, the "Go Texan" committee starts planning for the rodeo.
Clothing Imitates Life
Revelation: Socks have mates!

I'm not a person who laughs out loud a lot. I suppose that's because I'm fairly content, and don't feel a compelling need to burst out either into tears or into laughter. (I do feel the compelling need to use italics (and parentheses) a lot.)

Even if you are content, you have to wonder about some stuff; and the more you wonder, the funnier it gets.

Running in the Rain
It isn't as dangerous as you think!
Coffee is more important than 8 essential vitamins.
The World's Strangest Weather
Did you know that Southeast Texas weather changes more quickly and varies more wildly than yours?
Adhesive Bandages
You may have participated in a survey without having known it.
More Fire Ants
Are fire ants actually our friends?
'Tis the Season for Cholesterol
The United States celebrate the twelve days of Thanksgiving.

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Photos of Flowers and Plants at
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